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Oyster Card Refunds

The £5 deposit you pay for an Oyster card is refundable along with any Pay as you go money left on the card.

Before you claim a refund, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you’ve used your Oyster card on a Pay as you go basis and it’s not loaded with a weekly Travelcard or bus pass then it’s transferable. And the money doesn’t expire so you can give it to a friend, relative or anyone else to use.

If you don’t know anyone who might want to use an Oyster or you don’t plan to return to London, you can get back any unused money.

Where to get a refund in London

If you have registered your Oyster card online with TfL, refunds are available online.

£5 deposit and up to £10 of Pay as you go money

Your £5 deposit and up to £10 of Pay as you go money can be refunded at London Underground (tube) station ticket machines. (Most underground tickets offices have now closed.)

The ticket machines at Heathrow Terminal 5 do not issue refunds. Refunds are available from the Terminal 5 underground ticket office or the ‘Express Train & Underground’ desk in Terminal 5 arrivals.

More than £10 of Pay as you go money

If you have more than £10 of Pay as you go money, refunds are available at TfL Visitor Centres.

Once you get a Pay as you go credit and deposit refund you are no longer be able to use the Oyster card.

How to get a refund after leaving London

If you can’t visit an underground station before you leave, send your Oyster card and photocopied proof of name and address to TfL:

Oyster Refunds
4th Floor
14 Pier Walk
North Greenwich
SE10 0ES

Refunds by post will be sent by cheque (£) or by bank transfer to your bank accounts (UK addresses only).

If you have any questions, contact TfL Customer Services on 0343 222 1234 (open daily 8am–8pm).

Last updated: 26 July 2016