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London Museums & Attractions: 2 for 1 Offers

Many museums and galleries in London are free, but some ‘must see’ attractions charge an admission fee. This can add-up to quite a hefty sum if you plan to do some serious sightseeing.

If you want to save some money, there’s an easy way to get 2 for the price of 1 discounts at London tourist attractions.

2 for 1 vouchers with a Travelcard or train ticket

UK train companies run a promotion called ‘Days Out’. This is a 2 for the price of 1 admission deal for attractions in London and the UK.

There are three ways to get tickets to qualify for the 2 for 1 deal in London:

1.Buy a one day or weekly Travelcard

The Travelcard is a transport pass giving you unlimited travel on the underground, overground, trains, DLR and buses in London.

To qualify for the 2 for 1 deals, you need to buy a ‘paper’ Travelcard from a train station in London.

Travelcards from underground station ticket machines, TfL Visitor Centres or Travelcards loaded onto Oyster cards are not valid for the 2 for 1 offer. The ticket must have the National Rail logo on it to qualify.

  • a zone 1-6 off-peak one day Travelcard is £14.40 (£7.20 child)
  • a zone 1-2 weekly Travelcard is £38.30/£19.20 child

2.Buy a train ticket to London

If you travel to London by train (including from Luton, Stansted and Gatwick airport), your ticket will qualify for the deal as long as it has a National Rail logo.

Train tickets on the Heathrow Express are not valid. However, TfL Rail tickets from Heathrow are valid.

Get 30% off train tickets with Railcard.

3.Buy a train ticket in London

If you live in London or travel to London by coach or car and don’t want to buy a Travelcard, you can buy a cheap single train ticket. You don’t need to use it for travel but you need a valid train ticket for each day you use a 2 for 1 voucher.

For example, a single ticket from Queenstown Rd to Vauxhall is £2.90 adult/£1.45 child.

You can go to any train station ticket office and buy this ticket. You don’t need to go to Queenstown Rd station.

Please note that some attractions won’t accept this type of ticket for the 2 for 1. If you want to be 100% sure of getting the 2 for 1 deal or if you visit an attraction outside central London (zone 1), it’s advisable to have either a train ticket to London, a paper Travelcard, or a train ticket ‘to’ the closest train station to the attraction.

Don’t put a single train ticket in the ticket barrier, you might not get it back! Show your train ticket to a station staff member who will open the barrier for you.

Where can I buy a ‘paper’ Travelcard?

National Rail LogoYou can buy a One Day or Weekly ‘paper’ Travelcard from train stations in London.

If the train station has an underground station as well, don’t buy your tickets there. Follow the signs for ‘Trains’ and go above ground. Buy your Travelcard from the train station ticket office.

Not all train stations sell the ‘paper’ Travelcards valid for the offer.

See where to buy paper Travelcards in central London.

Photos for weekly or monthly Travelcards

You need a photo card for a weekly or monthly Travelcard. The ticket office staff will make you one with a recent passport-sized photo of yourself. It doesn’t have to be photo-quality, it can be a something printed from your PC or a decent photocopy.

The photo should measure 4.5cm x 3.5 cm. Your face should fill most of it.

If you don’t have a photo, there are photo booths in most train stations and large post offices. It costs £6 for four photos.

Which London attractions offer the 2 for 1 deals?

About 65 London attractions take part in the scheme. Some only take part in winter.

View all the 2 for 1 attractions on a map or browse a list.

2 for 1 vouchers are also available for temporary exhibitions at free museums and galleries, boat trips, tours and guided walks.

How does 2 for 1 work?

Important!: At the moment, you must download and print a voucher via the individual attraction pages. Leaflets are unavailable.

When you’ve decided which attractions to visit:

1. Download the voucher

Find the attraction you want to visit on daysoutguide.co.uk. Click ‘download now’.

When you first claim an offer you are asked to create an account. You need to give your name, address, and email address.

If you already have an account, the voucher will be added to the ‘My Trip’ section.

2. Print the voucher

You have the option to print the voucher straight away, or it can be emailed to the address you gave when setting up your account or to an alternative address.

3. Present your voucher and Travelcard/train ticket

Go to the attraction ticket office and show them your 2 for 1 voucher and train ticket or Travelcard.

You need one voucher for two adults or one voucher for an adult a child.

Booklets with 2 for 1 vouchers are available from some train stations.

How much money can I save?

A lot. Here’s an example of the full standard adult and child entrance fees for some of the attractions taking part in the offer.

These are the entrance fees for tickets ‘bought on the day’.

View all attractions offering the 2 for 1 discount on a map.

Standard Entrance Fees
Attraction Adult Child
Tower of London £29.90 £14.90
London Zoo* £30 £19.50
Madame Tussaud’s £35 £29.50
St Paul’s Cathedral £21 £9
London Eye £31 £27.50
Westminster Abbey  £24  £10
Tower Bridge Exhibition £10.60* £5.30
SEA LIFE London Aquarium £30 £24
Kew Gardens £19.50 £5
Shrek’s Adventure! £30 £24

*Price includes voluntary donation

Voucher validity

Some attractions restrict the use of the 2 for 1 vouchers during peak periods. Dates when the 2 for 1 offers are not valid are listed on each individual voucher page on the Days Out website.

See discount attraction tickets for tips on how to buy cheaper attraction tickets

Is my Travelcard or train ticket valid for 2 for 1 offers?

Some tickets are not valid for the offer. If you’ve already bought a ticket to London or a Travelcard, check if you can use it on the Day’s Out website.

Travelcards purchased from VisitBritain are not valid for the 2 for 1 offer. Their website says you can’t buy paper 7 Day Travelcards once you get to London. This is WRONG. Paper Travelcards are sold at some train stations.

Can I use the 2 for 1 vouchers if I book tickets online?

Not for most attractions. You need to show Travelcard/train ticket and give them your 2 for 1 voucher when you buy your tickets at the attraction.

A few attractions offer online booking via the Day’s Out website:

Does everyone visiting an attraction need a train ticket or Travelcard?

Yes, everyone who wants to take part in the 2 for 1 discount needs a valid Travelcard or train ticket.

How many attractions can I visit?

As many as you want. There’s no limit to the amount of attractions you can visit.

Single train tickets; can I use them to qualify for the discount?

If you buy a single train ticket or One Day Travelcard you must visit the attraction on the day the ticket is valid. If you buy two single train tickets instead of a return, for example, one single to London and one single from London, these will be classed as a return ticket. You can visit attractions up to and including the date on your departure single ticket. Make sure you show both single tickets at the attraction.

Is the offer valid for children?

One adult (or child) has free admission when accompanied by one adult who pays the full adult admission fee. Check the terms for each individual attraction as this may vary.

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Last updated: 1 March 2022