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London Taxis & Minicabs

London black cabs

There are two types of taxis available in London; traditional Black cabs (also known as taxis), or private hire vehicles which are often referred to as minicabs.

Coronavirus/Covid 19: Face masks are compulsory in all taxis and minicabs

Black cabs are a familiar sight in London, and although they’re not super-cheap a taxi ride in London is a treat. Drivers train for two to four years before getting a license. Try picking their brains; they know a lot about London..

Taxis or Black cabs

The traditional London taxi or Black Cab (although they now come in a variety of colours) is the most expensive way of getting around town, but they’re affordable for the odd journey if more than 3 people travel together. They’re even cheaper if you’re in a group of 5 — the most they can legally carry.

There’s a minimum fare of £3.20. A two-mile journey should cost £9.40–£15 between 5am and 8pm Monday to Friday. Prices increase after 8pm and again after 10pm.

See Transport for London’s (TfL) guide to Taxi fares for more detailed information.

All black cabs are metered — you pay at the end of the journey. Taxi drivers accept cash or credit/debit cards and from 31 October 2016, there is no extra charge for paying by card.

How to find a taxi or black cab

If you’re in a busy part of central London, just stand on the street, stick out your arm, and a cab with its yellow sign illuminated should stop.

Black cabs can also be booked in advance, although you’ll pay extra for the service.

Minicabs or private hire operators

A cheaper solution, especially for longer journeys, is a licensed private hire vehicle (minicab). These can’t be hailed in the street. You must book by phone or visit their office.

Don’t take a minicab from someone who approaches you on the street. It’s illegal to do this and might cost more than a black cab. For your own personal safety, only use a licensed minicab.

How to find a licensed minicab

There are various minicab price comparison sites worth looking at before making a booking

Last updated: 19 July 2020