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London Trains

If you stay in central London, you probably won’t need to use a local London train. But in some parts of outer London (Zones 3–9), especially in south and north-east London there’s no underground service. Buses are an alternative, but in general a local train is the quickest way of travelling to and from central London.

London’s rail network

There are two train services in London:

London Overground

The London Overground service, managed by TfL, operates around the central London area connecting east, north, west and south-west London. It’s the orange and white colour-coded line on the underground map.

View a map of the London Overground (pdf)

National Rail Services

Various Train Operating Companies (or TOC’s) run trains to and from the suburbs of London and further out to the surrounding counties.

View a map of National Rail train services in London (pdf)

A paper version of this map is available at some train stations.

Local London train timetables

To find local London train times, search the National Rail website or download their app. They provide timetables for all companies operating in London.

If you don’t know which London train station your train departs from, just select ‘London (All Stations)’.

Paper timetables are also available from some stations.

If you want to plan a journey in London which includes trains, underground or buses, use TfL’s Journey Planner.

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Last updated: 23 August 2019