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Cheap Lunch near the London Eye

Where to find a cheap place to eat lunch around the London Eye on London’s South Bank. These places are also close to the London Aquarium and the London Dungeon.

There are plenty of restaurant chains in the Southbank centre. For something a bit more affordable, try a street food market or some of the small restaurants and food stalls on Lower Marsh behind Waterloo station.

For something even cheaper you can grab a £3-£4 meal deal from a supermarket. There’s a Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco Express and M&S Simply Food next to each other on Waterloo Rd, just outside Waterloo train/tube station.

Southbank Centre Food Market

Behind the Royal Festival Hall, the market is a great place for street food or to pick up some food for a picnic.
Open: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.
Address: Belevedere Rd, SE1 8XX


This cafe serves freshly made 11″ pizzas starting at £4. They also do jacket potatoes and pasta.
Open: Monday–Saturday 8am-7pm
Address: 102 Lower Marsh, SE1 7AB

Pad Thai Stall

Outside Iceland (the shop), a stall serves omelette style Pad Thai with a choice of tofu, chicken, prawn or vegetable fillings for £4.90.
Open: Monday-Friday lunchtime (closed Wednesday).
Address: Lower Marsh, SE1

Jerk Chicken Stall

In the park at the corner of Waterloo Rd and Baylis Rd, a stall near the back sells Caribbean chicken and rice, oxtail, curried goat and fish on Fridays. Around £5.
Open: Monday–Friday 8am-2pm.
Address: Waterloo Millennium Green, SE1
No website


Map key

A – Southbank centre market
B – Jerk Chicken Stall
C – ECCo
D – Pad Thai stall